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Digital Content Authoring

Straive specializes in creating learning strategies with a clear focus on providing real-life scenarios and fostering experiential learning. 

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Content Design, Development, and Authoring Solutions

Our content design, development, and authoring solutions are broadly classified into IBT/VCT, e-Learning/mL learning, TTT & Certification Process, and Translation.

Our Cutting-edge Design Techniques

As leaders in design and development, our pioneering design techniques are:

Learner-Centered: Learning that is relevant and specific to learners’ needs, roles and responsibilities

Interactivity: Ample learner interaction to sustain attention and promote learning

Engaging Content: Keeping learners engaged through role-plays, animations, gamification, etc

Case Studies & Scenarios: Building courses based on an overarching case study or a story that runs throughout the course

Custom-made solutions for all your learning needs

Straive offers tailor-made solutions for all your learning needs based on the context and your target audience. Our solutions ensure that the training – is appealing, helps learners gain knowledge, and improves their performance at the workplace in the case of corporates.

Rapid Authoring 

Straive offers a Rapid Authoring solution for all your immediate training needs, wherein we design custom training activities using a variety of tools and technologies, such as: 

  • Articulate Studio 
  • Articulate Storyline 
  • Lectora 
  • Captivate 
  • iSpring 

Mobile Learning – Anywhere Anytime

  • Our experts help you decide the right mobile learning strategy and platforms for your needs
  • We develop responsive learning courses (multi-device compatible) using modern technologies
  • We create learning videos for mobile to provide micro-learning for your employees

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