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content publishing support, content publishing and homework support

Turning Unstructured Data into a Business Growth Driver

content publishing support, content publishing and homework support

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Data Solutions Overview

Introduction to Unstructured Data Solutions

Along with many others, your business is most likely dependent on or storing data —80% of which is unstructured data— that does not fit into a pre-defined format and is text-heavy, image-, or audio/video-based.

With the world generating almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and out of which only 20% is organized, you are missing an immense opportunity to derive, manage, and drive actionable insights from your unstructured data and stay ahead of the competition.

It is estimated that unstructured data is growing at 55%-65% every year. With the right talent and technology, Straive can help in data extraction and intelligent document processing and create solutions perfectly tailored to your business objectives.

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Why Companies Need an Unstructured Data Solution

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Companies are unsure about the size and source of unstructured data.

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Inability to manage

Traditional data and analytics solutions cannot deal with mining unstructured data of varying structure and complexity.

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Use of manual processes

Unstructured data mining and data extraction using manual procedures are expensive, time-consuming, and have limited scalability.

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Skewed results

Unstructured data is accompanied by noise and quality issues, often leading to distorted or inconsumable results.

How can Straive Help?

Our intuitive platform, built with the best-in-class AI and ML technologies for data extraction, data enrichment, and analysis of unstructured and alternative data, can help companies in three significant ways:

Text Intelligence

Text Intelligence

Our Text Intelligence solutions use cognitive technologies to extract, enrich, and deliver data and actionable insights from unstructured data that sits on text-heavy documents and formats, such as text PDFs, emails, word files, and scanned PDFs. As a result, we enable intelligent document processing with better accuracy, speed, and at scale.

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Public Intelligence

Our data platform comes with pre-built connectors for regulatory websites, corporate registries, government publications, company websites, patent organizations, and other unstructured data sources. In addition, it can be automated and can monitor websites for any changes or new information in real-time.

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A Binoculars represents visual intelligence solutions

Visual Intelligence

Straive’s Visual Intelligence solutions leverage computer vision technology to transform how visual content is processed and consumed. We help clients creating information, recognize objects and entities, classify images, develop patterns, and identify gestures and faces/persons at an industrial scale.

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How does it work?

  • Straive Data Platform (SDP) identifies and extracts alternative, unstructured data from various sources such as websites, emails, PDFs, images, and blogs, by applying a standard set of configurable connectors.
  • The data is automatically transformed and enriched based on the client’s needs using AI-driven data intelligence platforms.
  • Specialists then curate the content through a human-AI combination process for various outcomes.


We have immense expertise in making sense of unstructured data. SDP employs artificial intelligence and machine learning, which, combined with our human expertise, provides differentiated levels of data accuracy, quality, and automation.

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