Back office- Customer support services

Fulfilment & Back-office

We deliver millions of transactions across various back-office activities, such as record and order processing, order management, subscriptions, invoicing and billing, credit card processing, returns and refunds. ... Read More By leveraging smart technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, we ensure your transactions are efficiently processed, with minimal turnaround time and to the highest standards. Read Less

technical support - Customer support services

Digital Product & Technical Support

We provide multi-tier technical product support, from the resolution of standard procedure issues to more complex troubleshooting, across multiple browsers, operating systems and devices.

Lead Generation & Retention

We assist customers in enhancing their brand and revenue potential through customer acquisition, account database creation and maintenance, account migration, market intelligence gathering, marketing campaigns ... Read More and catalogue creation. We also provide outbound support for marketing campaigns via email, chat and phone, as well as design services for marketing brochures, catalogues, banner ads, infographics, interactive digital tools and website development. Read Less

Lead generation and retention – Straive

Content Publishing Support

From content creation to consumption, we have deep domain-specific knowledge and experience in working with multiple stakeholders across editorial, digital, product, technology, sales, marketing and other teams. ... Read More Our content support extends to authors during manuscript development and submission and higher education students, responding to questions from textbooks, and course and supplemental materials. Read Less


Straive’s suite of customer experience offerings cover Order Fulfilment & Back-Office, Digital Product & Technical Support, Lead Generation & Retention and Data Management

Redefining Customer Experience with Straive Expertise

Straive supported a leading education publisher connecting students to their coursework with a web-based assignment and assessment platform

Scaling and Empowering the Future of Learning

Here’s how we equipped a leading education publisher to redefine its omnichannel customer support solution for order fulfilment and management process.

Unifying and harmonizing business operations

Straive provided Sales & Marketing solution for a leading educational content, technology, and services company for the higher education, K-12, professional, and library markets.

Streamlining & Optimizing Business Operations

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