In keeping with 21st-century requirements, Straive is redefining content production services through a combination of rules-based and AI-based solutions depending on client challenges and requirements. Our technology solutions are used daily across millions of pages, providing rapid feedback, and have been tested against a wide range of input materials. Our holistic approach includes workflow analysis and process reengineering, in addition to the use of technology to achieve optimal outcomes. Some of the benefits we have delivered include:

Eliminating redundant tasks across the value chain

Improving publishing cycle times

Enhancing efficiency

An icon of pencil and few lines on writing pad -pages produced

Making content more repurposable for effective tagging

Improving the user experience for authors

Flexible, scalable & customized workflows

Publishing Platform

Straive Publishing Platform provides an integrated publishing experience moving from manuscript to final article/chapter in a simple HTML interface. It brings together decades of publishing experience in developing automation solutions combined with AI/ML intelligence for high levels of automation. It has been tested on millions of pages of journals and books.

Some of the key components of the platform include:

  • Robust input content checks (completeness and usability)
  • AI-based document structuring
  • Automated graphics management
  • HTML proof management
  • Supports multiple pagination approaches/engines (3B2, InDesign, XSL:FO)

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