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Content Development

Straive's staff of education experts have decades of experience creating education products for all age levels and across all education disciplines. Straive’s curriculum-specialist teams create a quality framework for every project and deliver each project on time, within scope, and at top quality. Leveraging our extensive network of subject-matter-expert writers and editors, Straive produces engaging and accurate content in ELA, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and many other disciplines in the K-16 education space.

digital content development, content development

Our areas of support comprise

digital content development, content development

Learning Design

Straive's Learning Design team of SME authors and editors creates content based on our client's program prototypes and guidelines. Our agile team of curriculum experts also creates prototype materials to help our clients achi...Read More

digital content development, content development

SME Content Authoring

Straive has a network of 400+ writers, all of whom are subject-matter experts who specialize in academic disciplines and learning levels. We assemble a content-authoring team with both classroom teaching experience and top-le...Read More

digital content development, content development

Content Editing

All content written by our SME writers is reviewed by editors with deep experience in education best practices and in publishing protocols. Our content editors ensure that all text is appropriate for the intended age level, m...Read More

digital content development, content development

Development Services

In addition to creating student- and teacher-facing content, our team provides additional essential services for curriculum products.

  • Assessment Development
  • Digital Storyboarding
  • Correlations & Gap Analysis
  • State Customization
  • Language Translation and Transadaptation
  • Indexing
  • Lit search
digital content development, content development

Editorial Services

Straive's Editorial Services teams provide various quality-control services to meet our client's needs and follow their documented requirements.

  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Cold Reading
  • Fact-Checking
  • Assessment Answer Check
  • Text Levelling
  • Metadata
  • Plagiarism Check

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