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Digital Accessibility Strategy

Why choose straive as accessibility partner
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Efficiency through technology

We firmly believe that accessibility services are people-driven. We intensify this skilled human effort through the use of proprietary tools enabled with AI and ML components.

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Customized accessibility solutions

Instead of relying on a “one size fits all” approach, we pair each client or project with a handpicked multiservice team (auditing, design, production, editorial, project management). We also tailor workflows and oversight/reporting protocols on a project-specific basis.

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Accessibility strategy development

We aim to help clients create the most effective production or remediation strategy by offering a range of subject matter experts for consulting on product specs, standards, workflows, and production priorities.

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Cost savings through offshoring

We leverage our Composition, Digital, New Media, HTML Conversion, XML, Audio-Video, Editorial, and Localization teams in India and the Philippines to provide skilled and experienced resources at a lower cost.

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Expand your revenue base through customer focus and compliance

At Straive, we offer end-to-end digital accessibility services to help clients ensure that their web applications, proprietary software, business processes, and documents are accessible to people with disabilities. To do so, ...Read More

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Timing is everything

The risks associated with implementing accessibility increase throughout the product life cycle. Most digital publishers and other high-volume content producers start by treating accessibility as a late-stage add-on, or they ...Read More

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Our Work Across Sectors

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Capturing new audiences: Provided accurate captions in a number of languages for production companies that host their content on streaming platforms, helping them gain new audiences and more revenue.

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Research Publishing

WCAG conformance:Authored over 1 million alt text descriptions for an integrated PPT-and-eBook remediation project via Onshore, Offshore, and Hybrid models. Reviewers with visual challenges also performed a selective QA.

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Improving inclusivity in schools: Provided consulting, audit, remediation, and alt text-authoring services for over 400 different learning products (EPUB, PPT, PDF, Word) for a single client over a six-month period. Designed tracking systems, standards, and processes that the customer later adopted for future projects.

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