Preserving 175 years of literature for the digital age!

Project completed in Record time of

3 years

With over

40 million

pages digitised.

Written word is our legacy, our history and our culture. Something that we will leave behind for the future generations.

From Nobel winning authors to academicians to researchers- the words that they have penned down are going to define a lot of what happens in the times to come. The only caveat- we have to preserve it for the digital age. An age that is pushing the ‘written word’ to turn into actual history soon.

One of our most long standing clients and one of the oldest book publishers in the world, was dabbling with the same conundrum. With decades of publications including path breaking work in science and technology dating back to 1851 by 200+ Nobel laureates and path breaking publications like Einstein's theory of relativity not available in digital formats, there was a clear need for an end to end effective solution to digitise. For a general estimate, that meant more than 120K books covering over 175 years of publishing only physical copies. We at Straive had to transform this ultimate chest of knowledge.

The task was no mean feat. Especially considering challenges around operations and budgets. To attack the challenge, we created a core project team with members of both organizations. We developed an inventory module for input content analysis to identify any duplicate books and set up an efficient digitization and extraction workflow through SPiZone, our intelligent content extraction engine. To achieve operational excellence, we distributed operations across 6 delivery sites which were managed through our workflow platform and set up a team of paralegals to digitize book contracts and determine eBook rights. Another interesting challenge that was foreseen was the fact that rare books loaned from libraries could not be shipped offshore. To integrate them into the task, a scanning center was temporarily set up at the customer’s office in Europe to digitize. Other than those, all hardcopy books were sent offshore to be archived at SPi for preservation. An end to end preservation!

In recent years, we have focused a lot on strengthening our Research Content Services portfolio both organically and inorganically, as a result of which, we continue to be the leading content services provider to research and education publishers. The demand and support received from many of our customers for Data-based solutions has allowed us to become a specialized solutions provider to top business information and financial platforms. In addition to this, we are now a leading e-learning solutions provider to online K-12 and higher-ed institutions, publishers and EdTech organizations. So, if you have the content, we have the services. Join us, on our quest to elevate knowledge to solve the critical problems of our time.