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Real Estate

Real Estate


Today, data is one of the most vital tools real estate players can use in decision-making.  Straive’s Real Estate solutions can help your enterprise make more intelligent decisions about property investments, from faster and more accurate property valuations to sophisticated forecasts. We enable organizations by helping to acquire and structure data from various sources with ease.

There is often a disconnect between the availability of data and the ability to harness it for quick, actionable insights. In addition, conventional analytical methods cannot consistently identify problems and issues that might impact property valuation. Straive’s solutions are flexible and robust to help customers acquire, harness, and analyze data in the right way to improve property valuation models and tenant experiences.

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Data Challenges

  1. The real estate data market is rife with legacy systems and workflows
  2. The industry uses data from unstructured documents such as deeds and titles, sans any structure and uniformity, and involving a lot of manual keying
  3. Specialized vendors are not always equipped from a best practices perspective, especially technology capabilities
  4. As data becomes more readily available and competition increases, firms are turning to conduct their own data collection and create large datasets, which is time-consuming and expensive

How Straive can help

Straive can help real estate developers and investors track a wide array of data, quickly find hidden patterns, and harness them into property valuation models.

Straive Data Platform is the cornerstone for Straive’s real estate data practice. The platform extracts assessor, ESG, building, and FEMA data – unstructured data – from county websites, CSR and news reports, and from other public data sources.

This unstructured data is enriched, transformed, and delivered as structured data that can be used to derive accurate property evaluations through automated valuation models and risk-based testing systems. In this, Straive’s in-house data engineers and scientists, and real-estate analysts play a significant role. They ensure that Straive delivers high-quality, analysis-ready data that can be seamlessly integrated with customer workflows.

Straive’s Real Estate Capabilities

Residential Real Estate

SDP’s enhanced integration feature can support firms seeking residential real estate information by quickly collecting, enhancing, processing, and integrating numerous data from public sources. Datasets include Assessor data, Title & Deeds, Points of Interest data, and current events linked to neighborhood property values.

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Commercial Real Estate

SDP can help commercial real estate companies quickly extract data during customer onboarding, asset acquisition, and other major investment processes. Straive then helps to enrich and integrate this data into any legacy systems, creating powerful 360-degree views of entities.

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Use Cases

Our solutions can be used across a variety of requirements. These include:

How our solutions can help your business

Straive’s data insights can help you with

  • Commercial Tenant Assessment
  • Location Intelligence
  • Company Health during tenant onboarding
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Property Valuation
  • Lease Analysis
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SDP is Straive’s proprietary end-to-end Data Management Platform that uses AI, ML, and other intelligent engines to offer data management as a service. It is cloud-centric and modular, with various features to capture, unify, and action data across multiple touchpoints. At the same time, its patented architecture, which separates computing and storage, can help users speed up the data crunching and analysis process.

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