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Publishers are navigating through a turbulent phase in the market right now. Digital transformation has brought about new players, diverse content formats, new-age users, and emerging business models. The new dynamics in the market present both challenges and opportunities.

Straive works with publishers across different industry segments, including academic & professional, school, higher education, and trade. Additionally, we support a wide range of products, including journals, books, MRWs, conference proceedings, course material, magazines, and databases.

Our Value Proposition

  • Future-proof content workflows to create digital-enabled products
  • Stream processes to achieve higher efficiency and faster time to market
  • Higher stakeholder satisfaction with new content formats
  • Enable data-based decisions
  • Support new revenue opportunities
  • Partner on innovation
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Our Areas of Expertise

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We offer end-to-end management of the content lifecycle from manuscript development to publishing. Our full-service offering includes author management, schedule management, rights management, design services, and print/digital deliverables.

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Straive offers a full suite of technology and digital content services, enabling the digital enrichment of existing products and creating “born-digital” products.

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We unlock business value from unstructured data for insights, thus enabling better business decisions.

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Our intelligent platforms and the work that we do in our Innovation Labs help in the efficient production of content, digital, and data products.

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We offer multi-channel, 24x7 support managing fulfillment, helpdesk, technical support, sales & marketing, and community management.





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