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Information Services Overview

In the past five years, the sheer volume of data generated and consumed has grown exponentially, bringing along challenges in data management. In its raw form, data are virtually worthless until they are transformed into insights and subsequent action. As data generation and collection grow in volume, data relevance and freshness become vital. At the same time, data can become “obsolete” quickly; therefore, defining the use cases for data collection and management is important.

Business information providers must be able to collect data at scale, cleanse, standardize, and enrich them with domain knowledge, which acts as a key differentiator. Subject matter expertise is vital for bringing the right perspective to data curation, enrichment, and transformation into insights and action.

In most cases, these raw datasets need to be gathered, collected, or extracted from unstructured data sources. For example, a majority of data sources can be online web pages, government registries, regulatory bodies, directories, product catalogs, internal documents, images, and videos. Today, organizations find it challenging to manage unstructured data, which can provide significant competitive advantages to gain actionable insights if effectively handled.

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web extraction solutions - Information Services industries

Current web extraction solutions struggle to keep up with more complex websites and security restrictions such as captcha, making collection sub-optimal.

Data solutions, Edtech solutions, Content Services for Information Services Industries

Extraction of relevant data points from text-based documents is manual and time-consuming.

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Data become outdated quickly, requiring continuous monitoring to check for currency.

Data solutions, Edtech solutions, Content Services for Information Services Industries

Lack of proper data governance and management strategy leads to data in silos.

Our Capabilities

Acquire and Enrich - data extraction and enrichment module

Acquire and Enrich

Our data extraction and enrichment module has prebuilt AI and ML algorithms trained for data excerption from highly unstructured documents such as annual reports, scientific literature, regulatory documents, and more.

Curation - information service providers


Straive enables information service providers to deliver enriched and differentiated data sets by leveraging an AI-based auto-curation solution layered with deep domain expertise.

Knowledge management - data solutions for information services industry

Knowledge Management

Straive enables information service providers to drive the discoverability and reuse of data by creating and managing taxonomies, ontologies, and graph technologies for knowledge management.

Product development_and_management - data solutions for information services industry

Product Development & Management

Straive empowers organizations to identify and accelerate the market launch of new data products through end-to-end services of identifying data sources, automated collection, enrichment, and cleansing to deliver differentiated datasets.

Research and Reports - data extraction and reportsment module

Research & Reports

Straive provides comprehensive secondary research and report writing services such as deep company, industry, people profiles, competitive research, and market trends analysis.

Data Processing Audit - data extraction Processing auditment module

Data Processing Audit

Straive allows deep forensic analysis of the data processing supply chain – people, process, and technology to identify the gap and provide or recommend actions for improvement.

Our Solutions

Straive helps organizations with highly scalable data solutions across the data lifecycle, allowing them to uncover data intelligence and analytics from unstructured and structured data assets. This end-to-end data solution aids an organization’s journey from data to intelligence. It involves implementing data governance practices and strategies right from data acquisition, extraction, enrichment, and transformation to ingestion and consumption.

How It Works

Leveraging our proprietary unstructured data platform, the Straive Data Platform, we enable clients to extract data from any source such as websites, PDFs, blogs, RSS feeds, APIs, etc., by leveraging web crawlers and native data connectors. The collected data is cleansed, de-duplicated, and normalized using SDP’s intelligent engines. Relevant data entities are then extracted through NLP and machine learning models to create structured datasets. Finally, Straive’s domain-specific SME team of 500+ associates curates and validates the data to deliver high-quality datasets.

Additionally, data can be delivered in structured or semi-structured formats such as CSV, Excel, Flat files, JSON, XML, and API for seamless integration with downstream systems.

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