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Education Industry

Education Industry

With over 25 years of experience, Straive is an established global leader in education development. We believe that technology has the power to transform the way educational content is delivered and consumed. eLearning is a reasonably new concept, but it is evolving at the speed of light, continually changing the learning dynamics.

The rising number of smart devices has enabled multimedia training to become viable and accessible from anywhere globally. Moreover, the recent pandemic has also spurred the momentum towards eLearning and made it the dominant means of passing on knowledge. Therefore, we are advancing into an era where digital tools and advanced learning methods define and reshape our thought processes.

A learning approach that aims to customize education content according to learner strengths, skills, and interests.

Personalized learning

Aligning with the needs and aspirations of learners is essential. However, personalization not only allows students to learn in any given discipline but also enables them to select the way they would like to learn.

Social learning

Social learning augments another feather to human communication and group interactions. Collaborative learning is more efficient with the adoption of digital forums, class-wide chatrooms, and open file sharing and access platforms. Social learning acts as a mediator to seamless online communication and support from anywhere – and has roots in curriculums globally.


Breaking large-scale education projects into smaller modules can motivate and engage students and help to improves their success rate. These information modules can be fed to students in the form of video lectures, text, or even interactive assignments. Though the extent of microlearning is yet to be discovered, it goes beyond eLearning itself and has the potential to expand into traditional classroom setups.

With extensive experience in the education publishing arena, Straive has always been the preferred partner in driving digital learning strategies and advanced workflows across education publishers. Building on our deep domain expertise, we have enhanced our portfolio of services to cover the whole gamut of learning solutions for – Pre-K through K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate customers. The key services we offer include Instructional Design, Interactive Course Assembly, Test Prep, ELT, Online Courses, and Assessments.

Business Trends and Challenges:

· Acceleration to online

· Higher reliance on technology and instructional materials

· Demand for mobile-ready content

· Traditional pathways to higher education seeing significant disruption

· More flexible pathways: shorter semesters, certifications, and alternative credits

· AR/VR demand growing

· Assessment changes in look as well as delivery

· Improve learner experience: highly experiential learning

· Richer services for students, parents, administrators, and institutions

· Lifelong learning: provide subscription-based content to an individual for life

Pre K-12

Pre K-12

Transforming 21st Century Learning

As learning is a never-ending process, it needs to start very early. Straive's interactive tools, content, and services encourage learners and prepare them for future success. Our content sparks the interest and imagination of students, and our engaging materials support the needs of both learners and teachers, regardless of curriculums. We assist them with our tailored designed solutions to offer an engaging and seamless learning experience. In addition, their learning materials encourage analytical thinking and problem-solving across disciplines.


Creating Experiences That Students Can and Want to Use

Straive’s high-quality curriculum design capabilities and cutting-edge solutions ensure a seamless and enjoyable learning experience for teachers and students. Our extensive range of courses supports learners in their academic journey. Our SMEs offer complete assistance whenever they need it. We engage learners with personalized and adaptive learning tools. Our intuitive learning solutions enable a consistent learning experience across various disciplines and provide an encouraging learning environment to support educators and students.

K 12
Higher Ed

Higher Ed

Encourage New Generation Of Thinkers & Leaders

As one of the world's leading providers of higher education content, tools, and services, we enable academic institutions to prepare students to thrive in a competitive world. Our higher education solutions are designed for academic institutions and universities to enhance the on-campus learning experience and offer advanced facilities to support flexible, collaborative, and engaging learning.

Corporate Learning

Discover New Ways to Train Employees

There's no doubt that effective employee learning and development programs are a must in today's corporate world. Straive's corporate learning solutions help your employees with insights that help spark curiosity and ideas that shed new light on today's business challenges.

corporate learning

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