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Commercial Real Estate


From faster, more accurate property valuation for investment decisions to sophisticated forecasting, the use of data and analytics in real estate can lead to more intelligent decisions about property investments. However, the wide variety of publicly available datasets are generally complex and in multiple formats.

Straive, powered by our unstructured data platform, Straive Data Platform (SDP), can help commercial real estate companies extract, enrich and structure data from all relevant internal and external sources. SDP can quickly extract the data during the customer onboarding, asset acquisition, and other major processes and then enrich and process it to create powerful 360-degree views of entities, including tenants, customers, potential acquisitions, vendors, and others.

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How we can help commercial real estate

Challenges plaguing the real estate market

  1. Integrating newer technologies and legacy systems with digital and data management capabilities
  2. Swiftly adapting to new models with work from home becoming the prominent working model and people focusing more on flexible shared workspaces
  3. Adhering to regulatory compliance and reporting needs
  4. Lowering operational costs by understanding risks and developing a proactive strategy against competitors
  5. Proactively understanding M&As with regard to clients and competitors
  6. Focus on Non-traditional data in valuation (Qualitative Data, Images, etc.)
  7. Delay in customer onboarding due to manual processing

Our Solutions


Straive offers solutions to extract, enrich and deliver data and actionable insights from text-heavy documents---including title and sales deeds, mortgages, tax appraisals, and tenancy agreements---in any format such as text PDFs, emails, word files, scanned PDFs, etc. leveraging cognitive technologies and SME intervention.

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Public Data

Straive’s Public Data intelligence solutions can be used to mine a variety of data, including information about public records, people, companies, and competitor intelligence from across the web and configured for any public data source.  In addition, it offers highly advanced data extraction capabilities leveraging ML- and NLP-based algorithms.

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Our vision-led image and video processing solutions can help you transform your business processes by offering the capability to recognize objects and entities, classify images, develop patterns, identify gestures and faces/persons on an industrial scale through SDP.

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SDP is Straive’s proprietary end-to-end Data Management Platform that uses AI, ML, and other intelligent engines to offer data management as a service. It is cloud-centric and modular, with various features to capture, unify, and action data across multiple touchpoints.

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Use Cases : Our solutions for commercial real estate can be used across :

  • Creation and enrichment of 360 profiles for tenants, vendors, competitors, and potential customers
  • Accelerating data extraction during asset acquisition, including leases, deeds, and email communication
  • Tracking commercial real estate transactions from news
  • Creating polygons and geocodes of buildings to overlay against environmental risk maps


  • A flexible platform that integrates with legacy systems
  • Our solutions are modular, extensible, and open source-based
  • Quick setup and scale for any unstructured data use case
  • We offer innovative models of engagement
  • We assure faster turnaround times
  • We customize datasets based on your requirements
  • Our platform and solutions are capable of working with datasets from multiple sources

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