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With increasing pressure from both a compliance and fiscal perspective to improve ESG benchmarking, Straive ESG solutions powered by our end-to-end unstructured data platform - Straive Data Platform (SDP), accelerates ESG data acquisition and enrichment.

ESG data often sits in unstructured sources like Annual Reports, CSR’s, Government filings, and more. With the need to customize ESG data to fit into any investment strategy, SDP was built explicitly to solve such types of unstructured data problems. Straive’s ESG solution can help you streamline and optimize any ESG data workflow to fit into your investment operations. SDP works across languages, geographies, source types and asset types and can feed data into any ESG framework, from SASB and SFDR, to any custom built framework.

Straive's solution can pull multiple types of data, including core ESG data, Controversies, Industry specific ESG data, People and executive contact data, Green and social bonds, and Base company information. Our platform works across languages, geographies, source & asset types.

• Easily scalable to 1000’s data points across 100’s sources

• Custom defined data points based on any ESG framework

• Data quality SLA’s above 95%

• Multiple data workflows hosted in a single platform

• Easy data consumption for analysts

Our goal is to help you streamline and optimize any ESG data workflow to fit into your investment operations.

Use Cases

ESG Data Collection

Collect comprehensive data on ESG from corporate and regulatory sources, the information gathered from various sources will help to assess and analyze ESG performance statistics

Company and People Tracking

Monitoring and gathering executive (Directors & Officers) and company information from the press releases, regulatory and corporate news automatically to keep contact database up-to-date

Company Fundamentals Data

Collecting company’s financial fundamental data from regulatory filings and annual reports to get better operational performance and ESG incident insights

Location Risk Analysis

Collect the company’s global locations along with the primary activity and geo-codes that help to understand the company’s operational locations

News Aggregation

Monitoring & Aggregating news on ESG controversies from global news sites and unify data that enables to achieve resilient and sustaining profitability in a rapidly evolving ESG landscape

Designed to support clients at all levels of maturity


Ratings Framework:
No framework or using single provider framework
Data from single provider, little/no data
1. End-to-end solution from extraction to creation of existing ESG frameworks like SAB
2. Tracking of news and other current sources for quick indicators of ESG change
3. Custom build data exploration UI for analysts


Ratings Framework:

Use SASB, or other defined ESG frameworks or directly use providers ratings


Data from multiple providers


1. Create custom industry niche ESG data and ratings to add to current framework

2. Data Extraction from source to SASB ratings framework

3. Extraction of data from news for public companies and to track near real time event updates


Ratings Framework:

Own custom ESG ratings framework


Data from multiple providers, analyst inputs, other custom feeds


1. Extract qualitative and difficult data points from multiple sources to better fit and make ratings framework more accurate

2. Add new industry specific ESG datasets to current framework

3. Check for "greenwashing" by tracking alternate & 3rd party sources

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