Reuters Events - ESG Investment North America 2022

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ESG Investment North America 2022 Event

Straive is a Silver Sponsor for the Reuters, ESG Investment North America 2022 Event. Our Chief Growth Officer, Murugesh Mayandi will be on the panel discussing “ESG, Private Markets & The Need for Transparent Data”.

ESG data from providers are a good start, but you often need custom defined datasets, more granularity and better-defined metrics for improved data-driven decisions. A one size fits all ESG dataset rarely fits the needs for teams working across multiple use cases. As demand for ESG investing grows, so too does the need for high-quality and tailored ESG datasets to meet your unique goals.

Using NLP and Machine Learning, Straive can extract, enrich, transform and deliver truly custom datasets based on your parameters to augment your existing datasets and fill granularity and coverage needs existing in your current ESG data. We build and deliver deep ESG metrics based on your needs, where all the raw data is owned by you with no restrictions on reuse or redistribution.

We can deliver deep metrics from any document source type - PDFs, emails, images, and social media posts, to name a few. You define the metrics; we collect the raw data and deliver via API or Flatfiles.

Straive’s solutions improves the coverage of your ESG data, leading to better quality decisions. Our custom datasets are designed to enrich your current dataset and help identify and monitor ESG risk with a complete lens.

Purpose-built datasets.

  • We collect, curate, and aggregate data sets based on your parameters to augment your existing datasets, such as Human Capital, Climate Risk, Diversity, Geographical/Political Risk, etc.
  • Commercials aligned for only the companies and data that are required by you.
  • We deliver raw data that can be customized to meet any framework, including SASB, SFDR, and TCFD, merging seamlessly for your team to access.
  • You own all the data and there are no restrictions on reuse or redistribution.

Straive’s 40 years of experience working with some of the largest data providers, data aggregators, and financial services providers, coupled with our research and technology expertise, have led to strong relationships in the ESG space. Our goal is to support you in creating a data strategy that aligns with your expectations and complete your ESG data needs.

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