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Automate Your Data Extraction Process Faster & at Scale

Automate Your Data Extraction Process Faster & at Scale

Data has become quintessential for any enterprise’s operations across the globe, and data extraction has become an even more vital operation that determines their success and failure. However, manual operations in data extraction processes make data inaccurate and inconsistent to consume.

Faster, Efficient & Scalable Data Extraction Tool

Straive’s data extraction is an automated solution that can acquire, extract, enrich, transform, and deliver data into consumable formats and offers several benefits like template-independent AI data capture, improved data accuracy, integrated workflow, and more.

Our automated data extraction tool enables you to acquire data from:

  • PDFs, Invoices, Customer Feedback forms
  • Emails, documents, Websites, Contracts, Sales deeds
  • Geo-satellite imagery, Images & Videos
  • Other Structured, Unstructured, Alternative, and External data sources

We have engaged with leading data and information providers for over a decade to derive business insights from unstructured data on the back of deep-domain knowledge and subject matter expertise across various disciplines. Our technology-led approach enables us to acquire, extract, and process data present in diverse formats.

We manage and transform data into meaningful insights. Our AI/ML-based data extraction platform can help improve your data's speed, accuracy, and quality. To know more, visit our website -

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