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Insights CSR

Straive’s CSR activities across the years have mainly been focused on education and bettering the lives of children across the community. This year, we also contributed toward groceries, medical equipment, and beds as part of Covid-19 relief measures.

Digitization of Classrooms in Government School

Education has come a long way from the ancient abacus, handheld calculators and slide projectors to virtual reality, screen media and next-generation e-learning.

In line with this, the Pondicherry Government recently expressed its interest in upgrading the learning systems at schools and improving the quality of education.

For this purpose, it stressed the need for Smart Boards for various categories of schools.

A Smart Board is a brand of an interactive whiteboard, used to teach students complex concepts in a simple manner through the SMART Board Educational System in Schools. It helps teachers articulate and teach better and for students to grasp concepts and learn faster.

Rising to the occasion, Straive, a leader in technology and innovation among the larger IT companies over the years, sponsored Smart Boards for the government schools in Pondicherry and Karaikal.

The Smart Boards were installed at 58 primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools, benefitting nearly 50,000 children and introducing many other children in Pondicherry and Karaikal to technology-based education.

Visualizing an Innovative Education System enabled by technology and committed to empowering schools in Pondicherry and Karaikal, Straive continues to support the SMART Board Education system by updating and maintaining the SMART Boards at all 58 Government Schools.

Laptops for Class 12 students

Bettering the lives of children has been the vision of Straive for many years and our CSR is driven toward improving/imparting education to underprivileged children. As such, we partnered with an NGO to provide 100 laptops to Class 12 students, which was the need of the hour during the pandemic.

Books, meals & residential care for students

Straive’s CSR activities are not just focused on imparting education, but also on supporting underprivileged children in all ways possible, making them independent enough to face the challenges of the world.

As such, Straive sponsored the education of Class 9 and 10 students, offering residential care and support to the differently-abled, mentally-challenged, less fortunate children. Straive, not only supplied nutritious meals to the underprivileged children of a village in North India, it also helped children studying until Class 8 in Noida by contributing toward the salaries of teachers, their books and other overhead expenses for a year.

Groceries, beds & medical equipment toward Covid-19 pandemic fight

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic across the world, Straive sought the support of various NGOs across Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Noida to procure groceries from government-owned supermarkets to distribute them to the hearing-, visually-, and speech-impaired; migrant workers; and frontline volunteers.

In Pondicherry, with the assistance of an NGO, Straive has supplied medical equipment and consumables to a medical research facility to establish a Covid-19 hospital.