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Customer Support for Education Publisher Case Study - Straive

Unifying and Harmonizing Business Operations

The surge in digital customer base and convergence of online & offline processes needs an effective order fulfillment mechanism. That will help minimize manual efforts and automate redundant tasks to focus on critical client-related tasks essential for competitive advantage.

The Straive Innovation

Straive excels in Intelligent and flexible technologies that allow for real-time data sharing across the enterprise network to benefit all stakeholders. Overall, customers will feel a sense of effective service coming to them from all layers or touch-points.

Our essential competencies

  • Manage Seasonal Account
  • Improve NPS
  • Multichannel Support

To face competitive market conditions, companies need a multichannel support solution that could effectively handle seasonal variances and help improve NPS over the long term. Straive’s modular technological approach helps in clinching that enhanced customer service experience.

We help you to scale

Straive’s order fulfilment technologies can flexibly support a high level of sharing within the network or system that makes quick adaptive changes possible on the go. Download our case study to know more about how Straive’s technology approach equipped a leading education publisher to redefine its omni-channel customer support solution for order fulfilment and management process.

The case study highlights the client’s order fulfilment needs clearly and shows how Straive met the challenges effectively.

Download Straive’s Customer Support Case Study.

Download Case Study >>