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Telesales Customer Support, Customer Support

Streamlining & Optimizing Business Operations

Today’s telesales spectrum includes areas like lead management, product presentation, and closing sales. They all need to be handled with exceptional care to make a lasting impact and acquire new customers. However, if done well, telesales can hone the ability to sell with sharpness while covering contingencies of seasonal demand variations.

Technology with a human touch

Straive’s telesales process focuses on increasing competitive advantage using a comprehensive suite of solutions. Our client-centric approach aligns people and processes across the delivery network to customize solutions. In addition, Straive’s proven ability to handle multi-tier support and the ability to ramp up quickly and scale to meet customer demands is a game-changer.

Read how a leading educational content, technology, and services company for the higher education, K-12, professional, and library markets drew benefits and scale from Straive’s telesales solutions.

Nurturing and growing customers

Straive has delivered various complex projects and supported customers in achieving an elevated competitive positioning. Our pre-work and post-work sales capabilities are state of the art.

Explore the case study to know more about Straive’s telesales solutions and how it helped the client achieve desired results

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