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Scaling and Empowering the Future of Learning

Scaling and Empowering the Future of Learning

The proliferation of technological learning is posing challenges to educational institutions to adapt their traditional learning and evaluation model. Thus, they need an adequate partner who can support them to scale the surging eLearning adoption.

The Straive Value

Submission and assessment of student assignments are typically complicated and time-consuming. Since the number of student enrollments is increasing tremendously, instructors or graders must manually dedicate significant time to grade assignments. It involves tasks like downloading source files, firing up the relevant computer program, and entering grades. Not only is the process tedious, but it is also prone to human errors. Straive’s web-based platform reduces the downsides significantly.

The client needed a solution that met the following three requirements:

  • Real-time technical product support
  • Seasonal support
  • Improved overall customer experience

Straive’s innovation solutions cover all the above requirements by leveraging the knowledge and experience of the end-to-end content life cycle into customer support services. In addition, given Straive’s expertise in handling seasonal volume variations with scale, replicating clients’ processes and procedures in the Straive environment is efficiently achieved.

Straive is the intelligent choice

Download our case study to understand how Straive provided critical services like – General product inquiries, product registration and single sign-on support, etc. – effectively and in a timebound manner.

What you get from this case-study

The case study clearly illustrates the client’s challenges with respect to digital grading platforms, and the solutions and benefits that we brought to the table.

Download Straive’s Customer Service Case Study

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