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Multimedia Content Strategy for Better Learner Engagement

Multimedia Solutions for Comprehensive Teaching and Learning Processes

The global art, design, and fashion education providers are radically thinking courses to meet changing student aspirations and values. They are future-proofing and modernizing their curriculum to stay relevant. As students become more and more aware of environmental and social issues, fashion, art, and design education providers are taking note and responding:

  • Ensure students are current with the industry trends, more so due to changing values and aspirations
  • The industry is moving toward digital transformation, and students need the skills to drive new fashion industry solutions and experiences
  • Adjusting to the new normal after the COVID-19 induced pandemic

Fashion, art, and design professionals are entrusted with increasingly impactful projects; however, the current system of education does not prepare students for challenges because:

  • The current system of education seldom prepares students for the challenges that they will face
  • The most valuable elements of the perspective and process are rarely taught
  • To make changes requires a significant long-term effort to develop a platform of design and educational practices

Straive’s multimedia solutions experts produce multimedia content that sets the standard for today’s educators. As a full-service multimedia solutions provider, we partner with clients throughout the strategic, creative, and integration process, ensuring that learning content exceeds today’s evolving standards. We deliver complete solutions that elevate your eLearning programs to the highest level.

Download our case study to learn how we helped a leading India-based art, design, and fashion school with end-to-end complex multimedia-heavy e-Learning courses within three months and achieved 15X cost savings.

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