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Future Ready Design Workflow

Future Ready Design Workflow

Exceptional design has a significant role in a book or journal's reception and impact on the world. However, the hyper-specificity of the topics, the need for accuracy, and the compulsion to market academic topics to a wider audience present unique challenges. Straive’s design team partners with customers to ensure cover design challenges are met and goals successfully implemented.

Whether developing academic books or journal covers, we have the creative talent to leverage the latest forms and formats, including digital, print-on-demand technologies, and offset printing. Straive provides full-service design implementation, cover and interior design, logo and icon development, program branding, UI/UX design, storyboarding, wireframing, and design management.

Our creative cover design team has the capability to:

  • Deliver a large volume of state-of-the-art covers year on year
  • Develop creative interactive covers for all scholarly and educational products
  • Clear backlogs in a very short time
  • End-to-end project manage all the stakeholders and the production process

Download our "Future-ready design workflow" case study to learn how a multinational academic and instructional materials publisher harmonized their design workflow, developed high-volume cover designs, cleared backlogs, and met SLAs.

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