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Enhance the Learning Process with Multimedia Content

Enhance the Learning Process with Multimedia Content

Engineering is a complex and dynamic field that requires a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. To help students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, educators /institutes have turned to videos to simplify conceptual understanding and maximize learning. However, creating engineering videos comes with its share of challenges, such as:

  • Balancing between being informative and engaging

  • Time-consuming and costly to create high-quality videos/content

  • Requiring specialized equipment/technology and SMEs

  • Ensuring videos are accessible to all students— regardless of their disabilities or where they live.

Engineering videos help students by providing them with a visual representation of complex concepts and allowing them to understand the subject matter better and connect it to real-world applications. Apart from these, other benefits include:

  • Enables self-paced learning and is accessible anywhere

  • Better flexibility in teaching and learning

  • Supplements the traditional teaching methods like textbooks and lectures

  • Provides personalized learning experience

Straive works with the world’s leading institutes and edtech firms to develop engineering videos that help them enhance their product offerings, improve student outcomes, save time and resources, and promote accessibility and equity in education.

Download our case study to learn how we produced 300 engineering videos over 6-8 months for a leading U.S.-based peer-reviewed scientific publisher of STEM videos using the services of over 45 SMEs with an instructional design background, storyboarding artists, video developers, native English-speaking voice-over artists, project managers, and animators.

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