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Enhance Content Filtering and Navigation - Straive Taxonomy Services- Case Study

Enhance Content Filtering and Navigation

A global provider of academic and research solutions sought to enable easier search and navigation for their content through a browsable subject taxonomy.

Straive leveraged its technology platform – the Straive Data Platform - to extract candidate terms from research content and employed a team of domain experts, indexers, and taxonomists to expand the taxonomy hierarchies. Straive’s team followed a techno-human approach using:

  • NLP based concepts extraction + SME validation
  • Certified taxonomists to ensure NISO/ANSI standards Straive ensured that each taxonomy node has a sufficient amount of content representing that node, and each article can be categorized to a sufficiently low level of detail within the taxonomy.

Download our Taxonomy Services case study to gain an insightful account of the benefits that the client derived.

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