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Digital Content Development

Digitalizing Content to Drive Better Students Engagement

Enabling faster access to digital resources with Straive’s end-to-end-content development expertise

Transitioning legacy courseware into a new or publisher-specific platform can be challenging, as it requires technical know-how and expertise to deliver large-scale projects efficiently. Digital technology has transformed the way educational content is delivered and consumed; therefore, it becomes crucial to stay current with the digital curve as it helps with:

  • Delivering suitable media to the users (students) and stakeholders (teachers, school owners) through digital devices
  • Reaching a wider audience including global, remote, and mobile)
  • Increasing revenues and profits

Straive’s digital content development solutions help publishers migrate their content in legacy or any format into the digital realm using a combination of experienced people, best practices, and technologies in a minimal time.

Download our case study to learn how we supported a leading educational publisher to design, develop, and repurpose learning objects, assessment items, hundreds of digital interactive within limited timelines.

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