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Cutting Edge Textbook Solutions

Digital Textbook Solution to Increase Student Engagement

Cutting Edge Textbook Solutions That Engage Students

Creating solutions for hundreds of textbooks can be complicated and overwhelm even the best experts or companies involved in writing answers. Add to this the shortage of time or deadline, and the problem can exacerbate. Therefore, in order to improve textbook solutions, you must ensure:

  • Textbook solutions will advance student learning
  • The reader of the textbooks feels competent
  • Include concrete, real-world examples to facilitate student learning
  • Include student-centered appropriate pedagogy

Textbook solutions allow students to prepare for exams, help with revisions, and meet educational goals and standards. However, before starting with the journey of getting solutions, it’s essential that you get to keep these points in mind:

  • Are experts writing the textbook solutions
  • Are the solutions comprehensive
  • Are they easily accessible
  • Are they in tune with the student’s syllabus

Straive’s solutions bring people, processes, and technology together to help textbook publishers provide solutions to their textbooks within minimum time and maximum effectiveness.

Download our case study to learn how we enabled a leading American EdTech giant with 100,000 solutions in 300 books across 20 management subjects with 50% revenue improvement for both the customer and Straive.

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