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Transforming Learning through Content Migration Strategy - Case Study

Transforming Learning through Content Migration Strategy

Moving legacy courses, especially those based on PFD/EPub formats, to a new workflow system, especially when it’s new and does not have a pre-defined process, can be a tad challenging. Digital learning has changed the way students learn and consume content. Therefore, it is necessary to keep up with the way education content is delivered to:

  • Bring transparency and coordination across all the relevant stakeholders
  • Establish efficient workflow and process for faster platform on-boarding
  • Overcome the time-to-market, language, and geographical boundaries.

Straive’s solutions bring people, processes, and technology together to help education publishers migrate their content to the latest format in a minimum timeframe.

Download this case study to learn how we enabled a leading publisher to move hundreds of courses to a new workflow platform and launch them ahead of the start of the new academic session.

Download Case Study >>