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Localization - Localizing Video Content with the right Technology

Localizing Video Content with the right Technology

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a leading logistics company decided to broadcast pandemic-related advisories in multiple languages to its employees across the globe. Translation and localization of multimedia assets would take weeks in traditional dubbing facilities. The customer desired a solution that was both rapid and precise.

This case study offer insights on how the customer was able:

  • To localize guidance on sanitation and staying safe during the pandemic
  • To quickly and effectively circulate the message to their employees across various geographical regions.
  • To expand its competitive advantage by using this technology as part of its localization program

Straive SmartDub is an end-to-end localization solution enables a customer to deliver their video content with over 70+ international voices across continents.

Download this case study to learn how we enable a logistics company to create COVID-19 awareness in 30+ languages.

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