Developing Digital Textbook Solutions for Better Student Engagement

Developing Digital Textbook Solutions for Better Student Engagement

Advancements in technology and alternative study options have given rise to digital textbooks. Following universities and colleges, digital textbooks are becoming popular in K–12 schools. Although digital resources and tools have been helpful in teaching and learning, now, students use digital textbooks to access academic content.

The shift to digital textbooks didn’t happen overnight. For years, print textbooks were the only source of knowledge for students, but increasing costs, size and space considerations, and issues with information recall have led to print textbooks falling out of favor.

At the same time, digital textbooks have become affordable, are more convenient, are always accessible anywhere, and can be easily purchased, making them the preferred choice of education.

Another advantage of digital textbooks is that students can find answers or solutions to their questions instantly, helping them learn better and faster. Today, solutions have become an integral part of digital textbooks, regardless of grade or user. They can help students get back on track if they are stuck on a challenging problem, are facing time limitations, or are struggling to understand reading material supplied by the school.

The rising importance textbook publishers and educational stakeholders place on textbook solutions underscores their significance to students and teachers.

Here’s how textbook solutions can help students:

Find Answers: Textbook-solution websites, apps, and manuals help students find homework answers for specific books. Most offer detailed, step-by-step explanations so students can learn as they solve problems.

Explore and Explain: Textbook solutions are descriptive, helping students understand concepts better and solve more challenging questions independently, which leads to their overall development.

Professionally Written: Professionals, the same people who write the textbooks in the first place, write textbook solutions. Because of this, the to-the-point-answers help students learn the art of writing good answers.

Unlimited Availability: Because solutions are available, students can learn on the go for an indefinite time, and it improves students’ efficiency.

The benefits that solutions bring to students are well known; however, what isn’t well known are the challenges of creating solutions, the most prominent being writing the right solution and the second being writing them on time.

Straive can help you overcome these two challenges. With more than 30 years of developing textbook solutions for the world’s largest publishers, Straive can assist you with a wide variety of solutions for all disciplines and multilanguage support across all grades and academic institutes.

A top U.S.-based EdTech firm with a diversified presence across the country’s educational landscape approached Straive to complete solutions in 300 textbooks in more than 20 management subjects in three months. The firm also needed help supporting the customer by creating 150,000 documents.

This project required us to ramp up to100-plus full-time equivalents within six weeks to manage the volumes. The team has now grown to 150-plus full-time equivalents supporting the production work. We also brought subject-specific managers to manage subject matter queries and follow-ups. We also formed a supporting team to perform quality audits to identify errors and missing components in the solutions before deliveries. We have an illustration team that re-creates (per the client’s copyright conditions) images used in the solutions.

The formatting team does structuring checks for all solutions delivered to the client. For example, the team will check whether table alignments, font type, and font size meet the client’s guidelines.

The language team checks the solution’s flow, consistency, and other grammatical conditions.

In addition, we hired freelancers to support 30% of the production work. We provided

  • 100,000 solutions in 300 books across 20 management subjects in just three months and
  • 50% revenue improvement for both the customer and Straive.

Read our case study “Improving Textbook Solutions for Enhanced Readership” to learn how we deployed a four-phase approach to developing solutions. Download the case study now.

Straive’s cost-effective, customer-driven approach at every step of the way acts as a catalyst and creates a straightforward business proposition for the client. In addition, our business model provides an integrated solution and services with processes and products designed to be validated for all educational publishers in all major markets.