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Role of an Outsourced Learning Administrative Provider

What is the Role of an Outsourced Learning Administrative Provider?

Posted on : January 15th 2023

Author : Sanjeev Jain

Benefits of Outsourcing Learning and Development Administration Services

Many organizations are streamlining operational efficiency and reducing their focus on learning and development (L&D) operations. The business world, as we know, has changed greatly over the last two years, with many organizations shifting their business models to survive and thrive while managing customer connections, safety regulations, and employees’ work.

As a result, L&D specialists’ responsibilities have also significantly expanded. C-suite executives are working with L&D and human resources teams to develop new learning initiatives to address the latest issues brought up by the disruptive marketplace, close skills gaps, and find ways to drive innovation.

How can outsourcing L&D administration benefit you, and should you? Outsourcing L&D-related administrative activities is a simple way to relieve some of the duties of already overburdened teams in five critical ways.


Coordinating and scheduling L&D-related work requires much time and effort. An L&D administrator can assist in organizing your schedules, such as booking or scheduling a meeting with an instructor and helping plan virtual training events for existing employees and outreach activities for new employees.


As a decision-maker, you can look at the broader picture while the L&D administrator focuses on the finer details, providing support if you need to safeguard material or make travel arrangements. They have experience and can provide technical assistance if and when required.

Tracking and Reporting

Most online programs are successful only when they have the appropriate tracking and reporting and provide information on a course’s success and participants’ development. Performing an essential function, these programs require significant effort to set up. L&D administrators can assist you with these tasks, giving your organization time to focus on other important activities.


Budgeting is crucial. Although it helps an organization understand its operating costs, plan for expenses, reach business goals, anticipate operational changes, and track performance, creating a budget requires a lot of time, diverting attention from other essential aspects of growth. L&D administrators can help organizations with their L&D budget, assisting with responsibilities like record keeping and expense reporting.

Learning Management System Administration

Academic institutions and organizations use learning management systems (LMSs) to manage, track, and deliver courses and training programs. With their rising popularity because of recent developments and the expansion of remote teams, LMSs make it easier for organizations to manage learning experiences and track participants’ progress.

However, LMSs are complex software, and using and maintaining them can be time-consuming. An L&D administrator can help you save money and simplify the process by caring for all the nitty-gritty involved in operating, maintaining, and training learners with LMS.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing to L&D Administrative Providers?

Outsourced L&D administration providers can provide organizations with two significant benefits: reduce the workload of an organization’s internal teams and serve an advisory role, assisting leaders with developing learning programs that support better business goals so that the internal teams can focus on strategy development and innovation.

Benefits of outsourcing L&D Administrative Services include

  • Access to The Latest Knowledge and Expertise
    An external L&D administrative services provider must be at the top of their industry to remain successful and competitive. By outsourcing L&D administration services, you tap into the current, best-practice industry-standard knowledge.

  • Boost Training Return on Investment
    Most organizations spend a lot on training their employees, and creating training materials can be costly. An experienced external L&D services provider can create programs to help train employees and evaluate their progress by measuring if employee skills have improved or remained the same after rolling out a specific training program. Their training programs deliver business objectives and can increase an organization’s return on investment.

  • Bring Back Quality L&D
    Most organizations have onboard L&D capabilities, but most don’t. Those with this capability often see the experts being too busy to deliver the leading-edge training needed to develop employees into valuable assets. With so much on their plate, in-house L&D professionals can easily lose focus. Outsourced L&D administrative service providers are always on hand to deliver training that is not only as good as the ones provided by internal L&D experts but can also reduce L&D training costs. Often, training retains employees, and compromising on quality can lead to even bigger issues.

  • Scale Instantly
    Outsourcing is an ideal solution when having a designated L&D department isn’t financially viable for your organization. By outsourcing your L&D requirements, you can keep your focus streamlining your business while using external L&D resources on a project-by-project basis, rather than a full-time, finding the right match for each project while accessing the latest industry knowledge, creativity, and application of technology.


Developing and sustaining high-quality staff training programs to stay ahead of the competition and keep employees upgraded is essential. Simplifying L&D training is a simple and quick solution to improve operational efficiency. By outsourcing L&D administration services, your organization can concentrate on building a successful strategy and essential business objectives, allowing the service provider to take care of training.

Choosing the correct service provider for your L&D administration requires much thought. For more than 35 years, Straive has been the pioneer in providing L&D training materials and expertise to publishers, information providers, and corporate firms. Our range of L&D products and services, backed by an unmatchable combination of technology platforms, subject-matter expertise, and the untiring pursuit of innovation and delivery excellence, helps firms remain ahead.

Our L&D programs can be produced in various modalities such as virtual instructor–led training, eLearning, or a blended approach and are available in several options and emerging technology solutions like augmented reality and virtual reality.

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