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Mindfulness, Employee Care

Mindfulness for a more purposeful existence

Posted on : July 19th 2021

Author : Sudhakaran Jampala

Recently, SPi Global had conducted a virtual session for the company’s leadership team on the theme of ‘Mindfulness’. The session was facilitated by Ms. Margarita “Tucci” Reyes and Mr. Kevin Conklin, renowned speakers on the subject.

We, at SPi Global, understand the importance of mindfulness and promote the health and well-being of our employees. Mindfulness aids lessening of stress-levels, anxiety and conflicts and fosters resilience and emotional intelligence, while improving communication at the workplace. It is a daily practice that allows individuals to manage their day-to-day activities by managing emotions and feelings that get impacted when things go off-track. Mindfulness takes us beyond coping and making do.

We encourage such practices that help people. A simple mindful breathing practice can help us to see the world differently – to live a more compassionate and fulfilled life – as we take control of our own emotions, how we respond to our environment, be it at home or in the workplace.

Benefits of mindfulness, Employee care

Source: Adapted from Dr. Shapiro’s guide to the science and practice of mindfulness, Rewire Your Mind: Discover the Science and Practice of Mindfulness (2020):

Simply put, to be mindful means to pay attention to what is happening in the mind, body and your environment and to remain present while being both curious and compassionate. It is taking time off for yourself and to energize for the next interaction or meeting.

At SPi Global, we understand mindfulness as helping in increasing awareness of one’s thoughts, sensations and feelings. Increased kindness, passion to improve our capacity to cope with all the work that is assigned to us, etc., can all improve.

The practice can be as simple as an awareness of breath and body. We observe our thoughts and emotions as they come and go before returning focus to physical sensations. There are countless benefits of consistently practicing mindfulness.

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